Every year, Sakura boyz bring to daylight a piece of fishing gear that takes our breath away.  This year that are Players rods. 8 spinning and 5 casting models look absolutely amazing and we couldn´t wait to get our hands on them. We decided to try ULST and ML+ model and here are our experiences.


ULST model iz UL toy with solid tip, 2,18 in lenght and 0,5-5 grams of casting weight. It is conceived as a weapon of choice for soft lures, but it´s much more. It handles little spoons, twitchbaits, even smaller inline spinnerbaits with no problem what so ever. So, it´s excellent choice for trout and perch fishing, but it has  enough power to cope with uninvited guests, like smaller pike, chub, even a barbel.


Players ML+ is also very versalite. With lenght of 2,13 m and casting weight between 3 and 15 grams, it´s great tool for soft lures and it also feels great casting and handling twitchbaits and topwaters. Soft lures around 10 grams together with twitchbaits and topwaters up to 10 cm suit him the best, although ML+ model has enough power to cast and work even heavier lures, like 105 mm Naja SuB.


Because of its sensitive tip and strong backbone, it´s an excellent choice for finesse fishing for bass, or river fishing for chub, or asp, as well as sea fishing for seabass, smaller bluefish, etc.



We don´t wanna waste too many words about design, it´s enough to look at the photos. We find it beautiful. It´s important to say that all Players come with Fuji guides and KR concept, Fuji reel seat and monoblock handle for better balance and sensibility.


For info about rest of the Sakura Players range, there is a link, and to see how ML+ model works in practice, click on a YT video!