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1. Sakura UL fishing tournament


Every single fisherman who visited Lokvarsko lake and lake Mrzla Vodica at least once can confirm both of them are beautiful and rich with many fish species. Since the lakes are located in a Gorski Kotar region, scenery is absolutely amazing and I can say it is one of the most beautiful places one can come to relax and enjoy the unbridled nature. So, together with our friends from Topfishing store and Sport Fishing Club Lokvarka that manages the lakes, under the tournament.


Registration fee is 150 kn (20 euros). Payment can be made in Topfishing store, or to Mr Danijel Snajdar. 65% of registration fee goes to prize money together with prizes of our sponsors. For all aditional info you can contact us at Spineri Facebook profile, or send us an email at


Lokvarsko lake is a very special place of absoultely amazing natural beauty and rich with many fish species. Since last year, it has become the top destination for trout, pike and most importantly perch hunters. Perch population of this lake is huge! Previously ignored, perch is now the prime target and I won ́t lie if I say tons of this little hooligans swim in Lokvarsko lake. Current record perch was caught by Mr. Danijel Snajdar on Sakura Slit Shad 50 mm. If you need an advice, you can find him at facebook under Lokve ribici profile. Lake is famous because of its nice population of brown trout as well. Back in 1968., during the discharge of water from the lake, brown trout measuring 125 cm and 25,5 kilos was caught, together with one samller and many fish between 60 and 70 cm! Last year, during the fishing for spawning, 91 cm long trout was caught.


There is a small chance a fish like that will make someone one happy fisherman at competition, but perch will fulfill a day for sure! They are the main reason we decided to organize this competitition at Lokvarsko lake. Tons and tons of those little voracious striped bandits swim in a lake and attack the lures like there ́s no tomorrow!



Tournament will take place on a part of a lake that is known as a perch hot spot. Last year they were biting one after the other, like on a treadmill every time we visited Lokvarsko lake. We caught some chub too, and smaller trout is not a big suprise as a guest. I must emphasize that that both chub and trout will be weighted instantly aside from perch and released back in the lake with maximum care! Pike doesn ́t count, so you don ́t have to bitch and whine if one bites through your leader.


After the tournament you can try your luck with pike at Mrzla Vodica lake, if you like pike fishing. Lake is full of it and september can be very generous month for pike anglers in Croatia. Be aware of catch and release regime on Mrzla Vodica lake!



Hope we ́ll meet at September 14th at 1st Sakura UL Fishing competition at Lokvarsko lake. Don ́t hesitate to contact us thru email, or our facebook profile with any questions!


We would like to thank to all of our sponsors:



ŠRK Lokvarka

Tmarti Handmade

Lokve Tourist Board

Lokve Township

Mr. Marijan Leš,