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Sakura- our choice


We started our friendship with Sakura about a year ago. In that period we tried most of the lures that Sakura offers and this is our choice, a kind of ´best of´ in our opinion. If you haven´t tried it, you really, really should..

Sakura Slit Shad is soft swimbait we discovered first. It gave us so many beautiful moments, catches and photos that absolutely deserves to be mentioned first. It started shy, with perch and trout, then barbel, pike, zander and seabass came and now it´s definetely one of the hottest lures that hit shelves of Croatian fishing stores. Because of it´s great catch ratio it is absolute MVP in Sakura´s team! If we have to choose the colours, ayu, peppermint, ghostuccino and sexy shad are the ones. Last one, together with hasu and apple mint works great in salty conditions.



Slit finesse proved to be great choice for largemouth bass in Croatia, whether you use it as a finesse tool, or you prefer power fishing. Really versalite piece of soft jerkbait! It showed great for perch in smallest dimension, and asp and barbel like it when water is skinny as well.


L16 Shad is our go-to lure when pike fishing. Sexy shad and Tennessee shad are 2 decors that we believe in the most. Depending on conditions we mix these 2 and they never let us down. With many smaller pike, L16 landed couple of nice fishes, in 80+ range.


Our hardbaits selection will be started with Akaru minnow. That little twitchbait kicks ass in fresh and salty conditions both. It´s penicillin for those big asp who have seen all kind of hardbaits, as well as for black bass, seabass and smaller bluefish. Crystal shad, ayu and Sexy shad are colours we give our trust mostly.


Crankbaits made by Sakura are in the upper class, whether we talk about the way they look, or their catch ratio. Golem family, helped with Kalik Crank and Rodeus family are superb lures for chub, bass, and catfish in Croatia. They go hand by hand with some legendary lures like Mann´s Baby -1, or Storm Subwart, and they look as good as high end japanese crankbaits. Sakura crankbaits bring best of both worlds in one, with fair price.



Topwaters by Sakura are on that trail, as well. Naja has many asp, seabass and bluefish on it´s count, together with some chub and perch. It casts well and you don´t have to be pro angler to make it work. Aurora black may be the best there is when we talk about Najas. We can only thank Pop´n Dog for some nice photos with largemouths he provided us.. Colours? You can´t go wrong with Pop´n Dog..