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It´s Trinis Neo world!

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Trinis Neo family of rods comes in wide range, we are talking about 28 different models of rods, both spinning and casting. We will introduce 3 spinning models that we at use for some time now and we can say we know them by soul. We are talking about UL, ML and M Trinis Neo rods, all in 2,13 m of lenght.

Range of Trinis Neo rods for UL game are dark object of desire of many UL anglers, for sure. For start, they look classy and stylish on a first sight, and when one takes any of them in hand, they feel as light as feather. Fuji reel holder and K guides only improve their modern appearance. Longer model (Trinis Neo 702 UL, 2,13 m, 0,4-7 g) weights only 95 grams and when I tried it for a first time, I was in doubt if it is a bit too delicate. First cast showed me I was wrong, and first hooked trout put up a smile on my face. It was clear that Trinis Neo is my new weapon of choice for UL fishing and more. Fast actioned, sensitive, but strong with receptive tip that transmits every bite, Trinis Neo can cope with much bigger fish than those that are common targets in UL fishing, like perch, or trout.

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Trinis Neo in ML version is a true diamant in all of the Sakura range of rods, and more. In last few years many rods went thru our hands and Trinis Neo ML is one of the best. If you ask Robert, maybe even the best, since he uses it for wide range of fishing. Trinis Neo ML (2,13 m, 3-10,5 g) can be used for UL fishing too, since his tip will catapult smaller lures at far distances and enjoy fighting small perch, for example, but you can also use it for barbel fishing with soft swimbaits like Slit Shad 75 mm on heavier jig hooks and end up as a winner after rodeo that big barb usually provides once hooked. Everything between these two extremes is a pure fun when using Trinis Neo ML, and that´s what fishing should be at the end! In Robert´s hands Trinis Neo caught pretty much every fish that swimms in rivers and lakes of Croatia, together with some sea predators. ML model of Trinis Neo is a true all round spinning rod.


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˝M˝ in Trinis Neo M stands for medium power, but this rod is so much more! When I saw it for the first time, black bass was first fish I thought of. After I realized this is no ordinary 20 grams of casting weight rod, I started using it in many situations, whether I am after black bass, pike, asp, chub, or barbel. Trinis Neo M (2,13, 5-21 g) handles shallow and medium running crankbaits, like those from Golem range without a problem. Topwater lures and twitchbaits I like to use a lot during a warmer part of the year suit him perfectly, as well as soft swimbaits and smaller metal jigs and vibes in colder part! Trinis Neo M is a great power fishing tool which likes the best to fight with fish around 40 cm and up. Since black bass bigger than 40 is rare here, chubs around 50, together with 60-70 cm long asps and barbs of river Sava make good replacement!


People say that money can´t buy happiness, but it can buy a nice piece of a fishing gear and that´s kind of the same thing. Trinis Neo rods are more than just nice!

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