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Twitching, jerking, ripping, … and so on.

For a start, lets say there are moments when fish reacts better to a metal lure, or soft lure, but twitchbaits do show many advantages in many situations and I really do like tossing them around! When you twitch a wobbler, you usually twitch something that proved itself already. It really isn´t that important are we talking about good old Rapala Original floating, or about Megabass Ito Vision 95. What matters is that both of them catch fish, and when you twitch, or jerk it, they catch even better and bigger.

There are some rules to follow when we are talking about twitching. First rule would be that you start sharp at first. We are talking about moderate fast and fast twitching, with whom you can search plenty of space in short period of time. Also, with this being your first step, you can pretty soon get the idea in what kind of mood fish is. This is no-brainer, you twitch a lure you believe in and if nothing happens in some time period, yo got to ask yourself if you may have picked up a wrong day, or water. I know I do.

Next step, in my case at least is more agressive twitching. I make longer pauses between twitches, but twitches are much sharper, faster and eratic. If I go for asp, or any other fast fish, there is no pause at all. Pause lasts as long time as it takes me to bring the rod tip back from all the way down to all the way up. It´s a blink of an eye. Presentation mentioned first catches active fish. This one catches them and those that are not hungry, but find my lure disturbing them in some way. This works great in bass fishing, he can hardly resist not to strike something what came from out of nowhere and stopped directly in front of his face. Some bass have more, some less tolerance. If it didn´t strike, or swim away first time he saw the lure, he probably will in next couple casts.

Last step is to slow down my presentation to a maximum. It´s like I am offering a predator a bag of chips, or some kind of a snack after it had dinner. Yeah, it´s full, but who would say no to a snack while watching TV? In this way I give a chance to those big, lethargic lunkers parked in cover.

Few moments ago my lure looked to them like minnow on drugs, all hyped. Of course big fish won´t leave cover for something like that. But now my twitchbait stands still by a cover for some time. It moves 15-20 cm and stands still again, shimmering in pause. It takes a minute or so to cross a meter. If fish strikes, it strikes in pause. It goes for every single fish, trout, bass, asp, pike, whatever you want. So keep an eye on your line and be ready to set a hook on any suspicious move of a line. if you´re chasing trout, it´s more likely you´ ll first see flash of a belly and half a second later feel the strike on the rod tip. Like in topwater bass fishing, best thing to do is not to look at lure at all. Twitching works best in warm period of a year. It is especially fatal in spring and autumn, as well when fish feed frenzy, no matter what causes it. Is it cloudy day, rise of water level, summer rain, rainstorm, really doesn´t matter. Some of our favourites are: Megabass Ito Vision, Rapala X-Rap, Sakura Akaru Minnow, Owner Rip´n Minnow, Megabass Trick Darter, …

Čabranka, river of fulfilled dreams

Winding road takes us thru Risnjak mountain from Delnice to Čabar. Deer jumps from the woods, stops for a moment and disappears back in woods. It´s been 7 or 8 years since I visited Cabranka (it pronounces chabranka) last time, maybe even more. I knew nothing about trout back there. However, among couple of rainbows, I was so lucky to lure beautifull 44 cm long brown trout. I couldn´t take my eyes of her when I finally landed that lovely fish. Adrenalin hit me so hard i was shaking for quite some time after I took some photos and released it. Every now and then, photos of some trout caught in Cabranka river were released in fishing magazines in Croatia. Each time it was like they are calling me to come back.

Couple of years later, here we are, drinking coffee in Klaric caffe bar and talking with Mr. Klaric. Through conversation with him, Robert and me decide to start our excursion all the way downstream, where Cabranka meets Kupa river. I am occupied with trout, while Robert has his mind set on grayling, whose population is rich in those parts of Cabranka. Cabranka is pretty low, but I manage to trick couple of smaller brownes. Robert is bathing some flies somewhere behind me. In a deeper part of river I finally see school of nicer fish. I try with inline spinnerbait first, then with a twitchbait, but I get no response. So I move along upstream, certain it these are graylings.

In next gap happens the same, and in a third try i finally have a fish. It came out after an inline spinnerbait, but didn´t take it in a first try, so I offered her Megabass X-55 twitchbait next. It couldn´t say no to that. Brown around 30 cm soon got back in a certainty of a hole she jumped out. In a couple of hundred meters upstream I caught couple more fish, and then at Gerovcica river mouth strong strike stops my inline spinnerbait. I am sure I hooked nice brown trout, but happiness lasts only till I saw chub under my feet. He packed lure in its mouth like he hasn´t eat for days. Now i realise those shadows from deep weren´t grayling, but chub. That´s why Robert couldn´t catch any!

We skip shallow parts upstream and then rain starts to fall like crazy so we rest in a car for a while. As soon as rain stopped, we are back in business. We fish on a part of Cabranka that is shallow at first and then starts to deepen. I can´t hook decent fish which strikes my Aglia with gold blade 2 times in a row, I land only a couple of smaller fish. We take a break for a quick snack and we´re back on the water in no-time. It´s late afternoon and I simply can´t postpone a visit to the place where I caught my first brown trout any more. I recognized the rock beneath which it jumped out at first. But water level is lower than it was back then, who knows where it is now.

I am going downstream back to place where I left Robert. He had cople of smaller trout and nice grayling on a fly rod. It´s getting dark so we pack. In that moment a car parks, guy comes out and says to us Mr. Klaric sent him to show us a fish. He grabs a big bag from a trunk. At first I thought he has a huchen in it. When he took it out of a bag, I couldn´t believe what i saw. It was a trout. Big, fat brown trout. 6,9 kilos and 70 centimeters. Robbie takes few shots of a lucky fisherman with his trophy and they leave. When we came back to caffee, Mr. Klaric just looked at us and smiled..

What´s up, guys, he says..

What´s up? Someone catches a 7 kilo carp and he´s happy, pike, or zander that big is a nice trophy everywhere. This guy caught 7 kilo brown trout, that´s what´s up! We were lucky to see biggest brown caught in Cabranka river ever. Couple of beers after we are still under impression, but it´s time to hit the bed. Tomorrow morning we are back on water. We fish for a couple of hours and come back for a coffee.

Mr Klaric suggests us that we go upstream and give it a try around powerplant. Cast a jig and you´ll get some fish, no doubt, he says. We´ll do, sir! We parked somewhere downstream the powerplant and went up. Cabranka flows thru woods here and there are lot of rocks in it. Lot of whitewater. So I tie a jig head on a knot, rig Sakura Slit shad on it and cast it in a whitewater. It sank, water caried it and i felt something. I wasn´t sure if it was a rock, or a fish, but I decided to set a hook anyway. My Ghetto rider bended as fish wildly swam downstream. I managed to turn her, and it jumped out of the water. Rainbow! Another jump, some more pumping and here it is, in my hand. For a moment only. Each time I try to catch it, she goes ballistic! Finally, it lies tired on a side. Silver beauty rests in my hands just as long as robbie needs to take couple of photos and then it jumps out of my hands. That´s some crazy ass fish, I think to myself.

We get out of river bed just by the powerplant and got back couple of hundred meters upstream. Waterfalls, one after another but with not much water. Tough terrain. We finally hit one that is richer with water and has a deeper pool. Again I lay my hopes in Slit shad. Cast in a corner of a pool takes trout around 30 cm out of its shelter, but it misses my lure. I decide to let it rest so I aim straight in white water. Lure dissapears and only a second or 2 laterit stops. Maybe it jammed between 2 rocks, I am thinking, so I nicely try to free it with a tip of my rod. As line got tense I realized rock moves. I set a hook as hard as I could and fish got mad. She pumps like crazy, Ghetto Rider is bent like I am fighting big bass, and fish is all round the pool. I am yelling for my friend to come down and help me, but he´s talking on his cell phone and doesn´t hear me screaming. He finally sees I am in a trouble, but trout is tired enough I can pull her in a shallow water. Beautifull brown trout rests there for a while, while Robbie sets his Canon and after a number of photos I bring it back to life and there it goes. I light a cigarette to calm down and buddy goes back to his cell phone. I wanna catch that smaller one as well. i rig new Slit shad on a jig hook, cast it and half a meter before that rock I was aiming another nice trout grabs my lure. I yell Robbie, Robbie again, he turns around, sees my bend rod and he´s like, oh no, not again! I start to laugh. Ghetto rider tames this as well, fish is soon tired, I wanna unhook it while my buddy gets down and in that moment fish twitches, runs thru my hands, my boot slips and I lose my balance as I try to turn to catch it once again and I fall in water. What the hell, some have to get away! We get out of the water satisfied and go search for some tamer terrains. We find a dam and decide to give it a try. 10 minutes later Robert catches nice dark trout and that´s it. Time to eat something. We fish some more after, Robert lands nice grayling again and the day is at his end.

Tomorrow morning after coffee we pack. Time to go home. We got what we came for, we saw giant brown trout and we´ll sure come back.

Perchin ́ at Mrzla Vodica


We like perch fishing. So, When Danijel called and said one of his budddies caught couple of fish around 40 cm, we didn ́t think a lot before we said we are coming.

Mrzla Vodica lake has nice pike population as well so I decided to work off couple of bass fishing with my Garbolino Ghetto Rider. Although its main purpose is ultralight and light fishing, he handled couple of 40 cm long bass without any problem, so I had no doubt I had nice chances with smaller pike.

Night before our fishing trip I fell asleep around 1. Still, I got up 3 hours later without any problem. First I picked up Robert, little after our buddy Krmpa and around 6 AM we were watching beautiful Mrzla Vodica lake from the dam. 3 guys were fishing there, they had some pike already.

Our buddies, Danijel and Dule came, we bought daily tickets and had a quick coffee in caffe bar by the lake and we were ready for some perch action. Robbie and Krmpa headed on the left, I saw pile of rocks in water and school of small roach swimming around it. If there is only one place in the lake that holds perch, this is the one. 5 cm Sakura Slit Shad proved me right in next couple of casts. I caught couple of smaller fish in first few casts. Robbie and Krmpa took off lures they had, put Slit Shad on a snap and catch some perch as well.


Danijel in a cove right from the dam catches pike, another bites off Dule ́s fluorocarbon leader so I decide to tie a wire trace. Next half an hour, I can ́t get perch to bite. I take wire trace off, tie fluorocarbon leader back on and I am back on a sunny side of the street. From old demolished house half in water, between 2 strips of water vegetation, I get bites one after another. After perch demolished slit shad, I decide to try something else. I choose some noname chinese soft lure and bites are not that often any more.

Time to move on. Dule and me are now at the part where lake is widest. This is where old Mrzlica river bed was and there is a lot of cover in water. This is where Dule caught big ones so we decide to spend some time here and thoroughly scan this area. Water is deeper here and I expect bigger fish so I rig 6 cm long Orka Oskar on a 6 gram jig head. I scan the place in couple of casts first, and then I let my lure sink all the way down and start to reel in. I feel weight on a tip of my rod, perch must of took the bait a moment it sank and stayed like that. Rod tip down, reel in slack line and bam! I hooked it, it ́s a nice fish, he pumps down in a place, I can ́t lift it in a start. Ok, here it comes. Now i just have to to get it out from cover and I can breathe again. Here it is, I got it by its jaws. Hook penetrated so shallow I am sure I would lose it if I used stiffer rod. Anyway, I caught what we came for so I am calling Robert to come and make some pictures. Little after, fish slowly swims away.


Rest of guys move on, Dule and i stay in this spot. Sometimes later I hear Krmpa screaming. He said he would be satisfied with one trout around 2 kilos, so I thought that ́s what happened. As fast as we could, Dule and I came to them and saw Robbie holding nice perch. Meter stopped at 34. 34 bumpy, striped, barbed centimeters, good enough!


After that we took a break, ate some cevapi and had some beer. 2 beers later, we went to check out left, more cultivated side of a lake. Same all, same all. Bunch of perch, smaller though, and couple of pikey. After that I decided its time to take a nap. Folk music that was coming from a car that parked beside me woke me up. Time to hit a dam, time to go for a trout. I was throwing twitchbaits for an hour and then put metal jig on a snap. I cast it as far as it goes, let it sink and then reel it with short twitches. In one moment, Krmpa is yelling at me to see smallest perch ever that he caught, so I am turning head and i am like, leave me alone, I had enough of striped ones for a day. I turned my head back and I saw brown trout following my metal jig. It was fish over 50, maybe even more than 60 cm long. I guess it saw me as well cause she turned away that moment. Even now I can see that goldish side and mighty tail without closing my eyes. It really is a great scene. Back then, i was pissed off! I threw rod on the grass and wondered what would happen if I saw it earlier and twitched jig in fornt of its face? Would it strike?



I stayed alone at a dam at the end, but without any result. Maybe next time..