About us

Web page www.spineri.com is created by a crew who practises catch and release fishing.

In your corner of the Earth catch&release  may be a normal thing, but here in Croatia, things are a bit different.
We have beautifull rivers, lakes, and coast here in Croatia, but, due a lack of concern, waters are in a huge procent devastated. That` s why we` ll try to show that C&R isn`t just a affectation, or some modern trend, but a necessarity.

With propaganda of C&R we` ll be presenting predatory and non predatory fishes that can be caught with artificial baits in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc in Croatia and neighborhood. We` ll try to be up to date with newest fishing tackle and tehniques, but we won`t forget good old lures who brought us many happy moments in past too.

Hope to see you around!

spineri.com crew

Another thing. Site is delevoped and  designed by our web designer Andrej Bozic. He is available for all questions and inquiries at and.bozi@gmail.com.