Frank Steinmann_j1a11771 Hi Frank finally we have one of our favourite photo ninja’s on Spineri … As I remember you have promised to be naked for this interview, are you naked right now? Hello Robert and Goran. Well, as a matter of fact I will literally drop my pants for you guys here, but the rest of […] ---→

Trinis 2017fearless-2717 Trinis Neo and Shinjin Neo range of rods were accepted by fishermen not just in Croatia, but all over the Europe. That doesn´t come as a suprise, since both were built on great blanks and equipped with Fuji guides and fair priced. In 2017. these 2 families will become one happy family with more models […] ---→

Players!12832547_689102554566024_5912742379522368401_n Every year, Sakura boyz bring to daylight a piece of fishing gear that takes our breath away.  This year that are Players rods. 8 spinning and 5 casting models look absolutely amazing and we couldn´t wait to get our hands on them. We decided to try ULST and ML+ model and here are our experiences. […] ---→