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Autmn time


Car lights that are coming towards me only now and then cuts thru the fog while I drive down the road. Lake is in the fog as well. I park by the water, coming out of a car and like a robot start to assemble my rod. Reel, line, wire trace, spinnerbait. I am ready. Spinnerbait is pretty beaten already, fire tiger pattern on a blade exists in traces only. It caught quite some pike this autumn. In vest pockets I have couple more spinnerbaits, few weedless spoons, some swimbaits rigged weightless and couple of twitchbaits. More than enough for this time of year. I am alone at this side of a lake, on the other side there is just one guy. He´s sitting still by his rods.


Fallen leaves rustle under my feet and the soles of boots sinking into a thin layer of mud below while I walk. Autumn is definitely here, a time when fish eat more so they could survive thru the cold winter that is coming.On a first spot most of water vegetation has fallen down to the bottom already. Only a few leaves of water lily are on the surface. I can work it with spinnerbaits just like that. First cast is along the bank, and rest of them are more and more out on a water. Shortly, one is tricked. Unfair fight is over very fast. Few moments later, (un)lucky pikey is released and he is coming back to the seeming safety of water lilies. In a next field of water lilies nice pike follows my lure, but it won´t bite. I am rigging mogambo grub on a weightless worm hook, and casting it in a direction where I saw a pike.
I animate it with short twitches of a rod tip. First time around nothing happens, but in the second cast there it is. It came out of nowhere, it´s unbeilevable how fast it appeared behind the lure! It is standing still and fixating a grub. Only its pectoral fins nervously. Gentle twitch of a rod tip results with a momentarily bite. It packed it in its mouth and it slowly turns away. I lower rod tip so I can set a hook better, line straightens, and BAM, I am whacking it. It is pumping on the other side of a line, rod is bent, but it lasts a couple of seconds only. Worm hook didn´t break thru, or didn´t come thru at all. Weedlees is fishless sometimes, especially in pike fishing. Later, couple of more pikeys couldn´t resist spinnerbait blades flashes and then sun started showing on a horizon. The fog lifted and let sun to bathe in a lake. Guy on the other side of a lake is packing his third pikey in a net. They were doomed a moment they got greedy over a dace mounted on a triple hook.


Sakura Slit Shad- you gotta try it!

I bought more than many lures in my life. Some of them looked good, with some of them my friends had nice results, some of them I saw on internet and had to try, and so on. You know how it goes. Some of them turned to be great, some of them turned out to be complete disasters. That´s why I am skeptical when someone, even though we know each other for a long time and he is a great guy and a great fisherman, comes to me and says,´ You gotta try this, this really works!´When you literally demolish perch on on a first try, when you catch few bass around 40 cm on aq fot summer day, when you trick 3 trouts in between 40-50 cm in a day, scepticism is gone and you say to yourself, hell, yeah, this really works. OK, it catches fish. Even cooler is it catches pretty much everything. In last year along with already mentioned species, we´ve been catching pike, zander, chub, asp, seabass, barbel, catfish and seabass!

Sakura Slit shad is available in 50, 75, 85, 100, 125, and from this year 150 nad 175 milimeters of lenght. It´s packed from 20 pieces a blister to 3 pieces for largest ones. They are scented with crawfish scent and salted. Mr Yamamoto long time ago tought us what that means. Fish that kind of a bait hold longer in it´s mouth so you can set a hook better. Material they are made of is neither too soft nor too firm. Crystals of salt crush when fish chews Slit shad, I am pretty much sure same happens when one chews a real thing.

Because of great mixture of a material and thin tail, Slit works on slowest retrieve, even rigged on a worm hook weightless. Rigged on a jig hook works great as well, with a nice body roll. It goes for all sizes. All of the sizes can be used like a topwater lure, kinda buzzbait, or torpedo. It burbles and leaves bubble trace behind. Bass and pike find it irresistable! With bullet weight in fornt of the lure, or rigged on a weighted worm hook it is weedless and can be fished from surface to bottom, even in a heavy cover. Once you set a hook, Slit Shad slides down the hook and miss hookings are minimum. It does happen, but usualy with smaller fish that can´t pack lure well. What to say in the end? Let´s say we found our new best friend in a Slit Shad. Try it, you might feel the same.

Tight lines!