Sakura 2014 (Pt I)


We´ll open a presentation of novelties from Sakura for 2014. with hardbaits. There are some new colours, first of which is pearl lemon which works great for zander, as well as in mudy water and when dark. Mat wakasagi is my kind of a colour. Lures with mat finish only look dark and matte, or dim. Truth is that they produce a lot of flash when sunny and in mudy water, or on a cloudy day they have clear contour which helps fish to target it better.


Crystal anchovy in the other hand is a really flashy, shiny colour and it will lure fish from far on a nice sunny day. Great summer colour for active fish. Najas and Pop´n dogs in frog pattern will be killer lures for bass and chub. It goes the same for cicada decor.


Real life series is reinforced with some new colours. Mulet looks so real that is unreal! Chinchard looks nice as well. I know they are imagined to be used at sea, but try to explain to our crazy ass asps and bass! They will love these for sure! Najas have allready proven to be lures with great fish catching ratio, in this 2 colours, mulet especially, they will kick ass!


Next great new thing is real life sunfish. It goes the same for it as it was for mulet- it looks damn good and I can´t wait to get my hands on crankbaits in this pattern. Bass won´t be able to resist them for sure.


Speaking of largemouth and cranks, we saw new Bomba crank in RL bass decor. You can see it in a picture, and you should know it´ll be avaliable in RL sunfish colour and 4 more already proven colour schemes. Bomba crank comes in 60 and 70 mm lenght and 13 and 20 grams of a weight. It runs about meter deep and has strong vibration tuned up with loud rattle. Wide diving lip makes him almost snagless so you can work around heavy cover that big bass love so much. Name suits well for this little fellow, for it will surely be a bomb for warm days that are coming.


Sakura didn´t have jerkbaits (gliders) to offer till this year. Now they have Wafer jerk. It has cool name and it comes in 2 sizes, 15 and 17 cm (52 and 75 g). That is 6 and 7 inches, and 1 ¾ oz and 2 ¾ oz, if you´re not farmiliar with metric system. It´s very loud and demands stiff rod in order to get it to work. We´ll be throwing him around this year and see how our croatian pikes feel about it.


Crispy spider jigs are mini jig for which we think it´ll be interesting to all kinds of fish, from trout, perch, bass, and so on. Jig head is protected with plastic and tungsten powder, and silicon skirt is made of 2 different diameters. It pulses at smallest move of a rod tip, or in minimum water flow. It also has weedguard and comes in 6 colours and 3 weights- 1,8, 2,5, 3,5 g. That´s 1/16, 3/32 and 1/8 oz, my dear Americans!


Monarc spinnerbaits are my absolute favourites! I think about them since I first saw them in a precatalogue and I got to say they look like guys from Sakura asked me how I want them to look. They come in 7, 10,5, 14 and 17 g (1/4, 3/8, ½, 5/8 oz), they all have double willow blade, finest silicone skirt and come in 6 great colours. You can work it as every other spinnerbait out there, but these are finesse lures. They are smaller in profile and more subtle than your average spinnerbait and it will be great for early spring bass fishing, as well as for those heavy hot summer days. Mark my words!