Perchin ́ at Mrzla Vodica


We like perch fishing. So, When Danijel called and said one of his budddies caught couple of fish around 40 cm, we didn ́t think a lot before we said we are coming.

Mrzla Vodica lake has nice pike population as well so I decided to work off couple of bass fishing with my Garbolino Ghetto Rider. Although its main purpose is ultralight and light fishing, he handled couple of 40 cm long bass without any problem, so I had no doubt I had nice chances with smaller pike.

Night before our fishing trip I fell asleep around 1. Still, I got up 3 hours later without any problem. First I picked up Robert, little after our buddy Krmpa and around 6 AM we were watching beautiful Mrzla Vodica lake from the dam. 3 guys were fishing there, they had some pike already.

Our buddies, Danijel and Dule came, we bought daily tickets and had a quick coffee in caffe bar by the lake and we were ready for some perch action. Robbie and Krmpa headed on the left, I saw pile of rocks in water and school of small roach swimming around it. If there is only one place in the lake that holds perch, this is the one. 5 cm Sakura Slit Shad proved me right in next couple of casts. I caught couple of smaller fish in first few casts. Robbie and Krmpa took off lures they had, put Slit Shad on a snap and catch some perch as well.


Danijel in a cove right from the dam catches pike, another bites off Dule ́s fluorocarbon leader so I decide to tie a wire trace. Next half an hour, I can ́t get perch to bite. I take wire trace off, tie fluorocarbon leader back on and I am back on a sunny side of the street. From old demolished house half in water, between 2 strips of water vegetation, I get bites one after another. After perch demolished slit shad, I decide to try something else. I choose some noname chinese soft lure and bites are not that often any more.

Time to move on. Dule and me are now at the part where lake is widest. This is where old Mrzlica river bed was and there is a lot of cover in water. This is where Dule caught big ones so we decide to spend some time here and thoroughly scan this area. Water is deeper here and I expect bigger fish so I rig 6 cm long Orka Oskar on a 6 gram jig head. I scan the place in couple of casts first, and then I let my lure sink all the way down and start to reel in. I feel weight on a tip of my rod, perch must of took the bait a moment it sank and stayed like that. Rod tip down, reel in slack line and bam! I hooked it, it ́s a nice fish, he pumps down in a place, I can ́t lift it in a start. Ok, here it comes. Now i just have to to get it out from cover and I can breathe again. Here it is, I got it by its jaws. Hook penetrated so shallow I am sure I would lose it if I used stiffer rod. Anyway, I caught what we came for so I am calling Robert to come and make some pictures. Little after, fish slowly swims away.


Rest of guys move on, Dule and i stay in this spot. Sometimes later I hear Krmpa screaming. He said he would be satisfied with one trout around 2 kilos, so I thought that ́s what happened. As fast as we could, Dule and I came to them and saw Robbie holding nice perch. Meter stopped at 34. 34 bumpy, striped, barbed centimeters, good enough!


After that we took a break, ate some cevapi and had some beer. 2 beers later, we went to check out left, more cultivated side of a lake. Same all, same all. Bunch of perch, smaller though, and couple of pikey. After that I decided its time to take a nap. Folk music that was coming from a car that parked beside me woke me up. Time to hit a dam, time to go for a trout. I was throwing twitchbaits for an hour and then put metal jig on a snap. I cast it as far as it goes, let it sink and then reel it with short twitches. In one moment, Krmpa is yelling at me to see smallest perch ever that he caught, so I am turning head and i am like, leave me alone, I had enough of striped ones for a day. I turned my head back and I saw brown trout following my metal jig. It was fish over 50, maybe even more than 60 cm long. I guess it saw me as well cause she turned away that moment. Even now I can see that goldish side and mighty tail without closing my eyes. It really is a great scene. Back then, i was pissed off! I threw rod on the grass and wondered what would happen if I saw it earlier and twitched jig in fornt of its face? Would it strike?



I stayed alone at a dam at the end, but without any result. Maybe next time..